Shelving Storage

There's something that almost every home in American needs more of: storage space. Many garages, closets, attics, basements, sheds and spare rooms are cluttered with boxes, piles and collections of “stuff". While some of that stuff may be useful when it's in a pile of clutter that we can't find the bottom of it's not really valuable to us at all. A great way to improve storage space is by adding shelving. Shelving will make your existing storage areas more efficient so you can store more, and it will make your home more organized so that you waste less time searching for the things you keep in storage.

There are many different kinds of shelves each with their own unique benefits to suit various needs. If you don't have the time or knowhow to put the following types of shelving together, the skilled craftsman at Handyman Expectations can make quick work of these types of shelves to help you get organized.

Various Types of Shelving

Semi-Permanent Shelving

Semi-permanent shelving is ideal for people who may need to move the shelves from area to area. This could be shelves in a temporary storage area, or in an apartment where you're not allowed to build permanent shelves. Semi-permanent shelves are sturdy and stackable. Another advantage is the ability to find them in nearly any size to fit your specific storage area.

Stand Alone Shelving

Stand alone shelving is designed to be freestanding, which can be ideal for a shelving unit used to divide a room. Stand alone shelving can be very decorative and uniquely designed. It is often a perfect way to make a decor statement and improve storage in a public area of your house. Since stand alone shelving can be so unique, it's usually good to get experienced advice from a handyman about the shape and location of the shelving unit before you begin this type of project.

Closet Shelves

Closets almost always need to be better organized. While a clothes bar helps, shelving is also a great way to store things in your closet. Most people waste the bottom two or three feet of a closet, the space below the bottom of most hanging garments. This is the perfect spot to install some shelves for shoes, folded clothes or other miscellaneous items to better organize your closets.

Roll Out Shelves

Some storage areas are so deep that you can't reach the back of a shelf easily. Roll out shelves will solve that problem. Roll out shelves are mounted on runners and function like flat drawers. Because of the added challenge of installing and leveling the runners and guides, an experienced handyman can help make installing roll out shelves much easier.


Bookshelves can be beautiful, functional or both. You can find pressed-board and laminate bookshelf kits at your local discount store, but those really won't improve the looks of your rooms. On the other hand, you could hire a master woodworker to custom-build a beautiful and unique bookshelf that matches your room perfectly, but that will most likely be very costly. A great compromise is to hire a handyman to install some bookshelves that are both attractive and affordable.

Utility Shelves

Utility shelves are very durable and sturdy, but not very attractive. They're usually made from heavy duty molded plastic or steel wire. These shelves are perfect for garages full of tools and equipment, or basements and attics full of seasonal storage.

Pantry Shelving

Pantry shelving solutions often combine elements from many of the styles mentioned above. They may be utility-strength, feature roll out shelves and be installed in a closet-like pantry. Because of the customizability of pantry shelves (everyone has a unique kitchen storage system) most people find this kind of installation to be complicated or time-consuming which makes it another great task for a competent handyman like the ones you will find at Handyman Expectations.

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